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Hello, Teatv Install is a blog about downloading and installing teatv on your android, pc, mac, iOS, or other devices. We are not the official owner of teatv apk, we are just a blogger and published blogs on usage teatv.

If you are a true movie and TV show enthusiast, then all you need is TeaTV!

The movie theater has always been considered a relaxing place to unwind after a difficult day. Increasingly popular movie apps are replacing traditional TV channels as technology develops rapidly. Although these apps have many benefits, they still have many downsides due to the monthly fees users have to pay. Here’s where Tea TV Install comes in.


  • App Name: TeaTV
  • Genre: Entertainment
  • Size: 16 MB
  • Supported Devices: Android phones, Smart TV, Roku, FireTV & Firestick

Moreover, with many unique features, this app is proven to be an all-in-one platform, once use TeaTV, you don’t need to download any other app to enhance your streaming time.

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